Staničića 3, Tivat Montenegro

We are proud of the opportunity to present you some of the most beautiful dishes inherited from the
traditional specialties of Montenegro, as well as to present you the differences in dining and cooking in
different parts of this beautiful country, which will become irresistible even from a gourmet context.

Taste of Anagastum

Traditional Montenegrin dishes

Starting from


(corn flower, kajmak, cheese, yoghurt) 250gr

(pork loin 200g, kajmak 50g, prosciuo 50g, tartar sauce 30gr) + French fries 150g – 330gr

(pork loin 200g Njegusi prosciuo 60g, Njegusi cheese 70g) + French fries 150g – 330 gr

(Njegusi prosciuo 100g, Njegusi cheese 100g,Njegusi sausage 50g, homemade bread 50g) 300 gr


Starting from


(rice, prosciuo, mozzarella, two eggs, panko, salt) 180 gr

(curd cheese 70g, cheese from oil 70g, Njegusi cheese 70g, ripe cheese 70g, cheese in pepper 30g, grapes 30g, dry figs 30g, almonds 20g, walnuts 20g, olives 30g) 440 gr

(burrata, pesto sauce, rocket) 200 gr

(Njegusi prosciuo 70g, Njegusi sausage 70g, beef prosciuo 70g, Njegusi cheese 70g, curd cheese 70g, ripe cheese 70g, cheese from oil 70g, grapes 30g, dry figs 30g, green and black olives 30g) 580 gr


Starting from


(three eggs, ham, tomato, homemade bread) 250 gr

(cheese, prosciuo, bacon, vegetables) 250 gr

(three eggs, bacon, Njegusi cheese, Njegusi prosciuo, beef prosciuo, Njegusi sausage, tomato) 400 gr

(muesli 150g, fruit 50g) + milk 2dl 200 gr

(three eggs, bacon, tomato, homemade bread) 250 gr

(avocado, toast salmon, 2 eggs) 250 gr

(granola 150g, fruit 50g, cream 2dl) 200 gr

(ketchup, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, jam) 50 gr

Sendwichies, tortillas & bruskets

Starting from


(tortilla, vegetables, French fries) 250 gr

(toast, chicken, egg, tomato, iceberg salad, mayonnaise) + French fries 150g – 250 gr

(steak, zucchini, onions, eggplant, baguee) +French fries 150g – 350 gr

(toasted bread, smoked salmon, guacamole sauce) 250 gr

(tortilla, chicken, cheddar cheese, vegetables, French fries) 260 gr

(beef, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, iceberg salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, bun) + French fries 150g – 350 gr

Bruschea pomodoro & mozzarella 250 gr

(toasted bread, prosciuo, mozzarella, cherry tomato, olive spread) 300 gr


Starting from


250 ml

250 ml

250 ml

Meal salads

Starting from


(tomato, cucumber, cabbage, leuce, mixed salad with cheese) 250 gr

(chicken, bacon, rocket, iceberg salad, crouton, parmesan) 250 gr

(octopus, iceberg, rocket, cherry tomato) 250 gr

(rocket, cherry tomato, parmesan cheese) 250 gr

(beef steak, rocket, iceberg, cherry tomato, parmesan) 300 gr


Starting from


(spaghei, bacon, egg, cooking cream, parmesan) 250 gr

(tagliatelle, steak, truffles, crispy prosciuo, parmesan) 300 gr

(tagliatelle, mixed sea food, pelati, white wine, marinade) 250 gr

(tagliatelle, vegetables, white truffles sauce, hazelnut, pomegranate, parmesan) 250 gr


Starting from


(beetroot, homemade cheese, rice) 250 gr

(culefish/calamari, white wine, marinade, rice) 250 gr

(chicken, zucchini, paprika, cooking cream, rice) 300 gr

(mixed sea food, pelati, white wine, marinade, rice) 300 gr

Sea food dishes

Starting from


(squid 250g, Swiss chard with potatoes 50g) 300 gr

(brass/bream 400g, lemon cream 20g, mashed potato 50g, sautéedvegetables 30g) 500 gr

(octopus 250g, Swiss chard with potatoes 100g) 350 gr

(brass filet 400 gr, prawns 200g, squid 150g, red risoo with sea food 150g) 1100 gr

(shrimp 250g, tomato sauce 50g, rice 50g) 350 gr

(salmon 250g, sauce hollandaise 40g, chia seeds, pomegranate) 300 gr

( price per 1 kg )

Meat dishes

Starting from


(chicken filet 220g, pesto sauce 30g, potato wedges 100g) 350 gr

(turkey filet 200g, gorgonzola sauce 50g, potato wedges 100g) 350 gr

(beef steak 250g, pepper sauce 20g, mashed truffles 80g, red wine) 350 gr

(price per 1kg – (sides: potato wedges, grilled vegetables))

(chicken filet 200g, corn flakes 20g, rice 80g) 300 gr

(turkey filet 200g, truffles sauce 50g) 250 gr

(beef steak 250g, marinade 20ml, mashed truffles 80g) 350

Children’s menu

Starting from


(spaghei, parmesan, egg, bacon, cooking cream) 125 gr

(beef 150g. mini buns 50g, French fries 50g)

(chicken nuggets 150g, French fries 50g) 200 gr


Starting from


(soufflé 100g, vanilla ice-cream 50g) 150 gr

(cream, plazma biscuit, jam) 2 pieces

400 gr

(apple pie 200g, vanilla ice-cream 50g) 250 gr

2 pieces